Stephen Turner

Stephen is a commissioning expert with over 30 years’ experience engineering, constructing, commissioning, operating, and maintaining buildings and systems. He brings deep engineering understanding and hands-on perspective to diagnosing problems and optimizing buildings.

A thought leader in the commissioning sector, he teaches commissioning and publishes widely in peer-reviewed journals. Stephen uses his extensive experience with high performance design, testing and balancing, energy efficient equipment design, control strategy optimization, and life cycle costing to assist project owners in meeting their project specific design goals. As a LEED Accredited Professional, Stephen has worked on dozens of projects that successfully achieved LEED certification, including Platinum, Gold, & Silver. Stephen excels at listening to clients’ requirements and translating them into achievable project and program goals that are verified through efficient, effective commissioning processes.

jayme allard
Commissioning Agent

Jayme has five years intensive experience in the Building Commissioning industry and has worked on numerous successful projects with Stephen Turner Inc. Jayme graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.A. in Studio Arts. Her visual communication skills give her a unique ability to communicate with clients and to create effective commissioning documentation. Jayme is an expert in and an advocate for the use of technology in commissioning support systems and plays an important role in the commissioning process. Jayme’s organizational skills and comprehensive understanding of the commissioning process support her excellence as a commissioning agent and project manager as well as internal process leader.

Jayme has provided support on numerous commissioning projects and has successfully managed eleven projects at Stephen Turner Inc. She has worked on new construction as well as renovation projects, including projects that have successfully achieved LEED certification. Jayme focuses on multi-family housing and school projects, many of which incorporate geothermal systems. She has developed a Capital Needs Analysis platform to allow multi-family housing developers and managers to develop capital renewal budget forecasts for their buildings’. Jayme is a LEED Accredited Professional, a member of the International Facility Management Association, a member of the Building Commissioning Association, and a chapter member of the US Green Building Council.

Jayme has helped to build the company’s internal commissioning procedures and supports the team in providing value-added commissioning services to clients. She coordinates team training activities and spearheaded the development of our interactive electronic Systems Manuals, which enhance turnover and maintenance support for clients. Jayme’s passion for green building and building commissioning drives her strategic planning leadership, which helps Stephen Turner Inc. evolve with the growing commissioning industry through ever-advancing best practices and education.

Jayme has recently presented her findings & experiences in her presentation titled, “Today’s Investment Planning for Tomorrow’s Technologies – Commissioning for Asset Management” at the 23rd National Conference for Building Commissioning.

alden andrade
Commissioning Agent

Alden Andrade was born and raised in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. In his teens he attended Charles E. Shea High School, where Alden excelled in math and science, starting a life long passion. Alden received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. Alden applies his knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering to a range of challenging commissioning assignments, particularly functional performance testing, which is the heart of the commissioning process.

Alden’s testing experience and facility with technology leads to his involvement with the testing processes on many projects. His patience and listening skills give Alden the opportunity to discover and address a variety of issues during testing.Alden is analytical, patient, and a team player - all qualities that benefit Stephen Turner Inc.’s clients.

Joe Wagner
Project Manager

Joe comes to Stephen Turner Inc. with over 30 years of broad-based experience in engineering and construction. A building envelope and historic preservation expert, Joe combines his contracting expertise with his physics background and programming experience to understand the relationship between building systems and exteriors. Joe’s rare combination of skills manifests in a holistic, and highly successful, approach to commissioning.

At Stephen Turner Inc., Joe gravitates toward large adaptive reuse and retrocommissioning projects, such as South Street Landing and the City of Cambridge’s Alice K. Wolf Center, where he can make the greatest impact on the community and the environment. He is heavily involved in functional performance testing across our portfolio, with his familiarity with Programmable Logic Controllers proving a similar dialect to the language of controls contractors.

judith barlow
Senior Commissioning Analyst

Judy brings over 30 years of wide-ranging experience specializing in small business administration to Stephen Turner Inc. Her background encompasses the fields of historic preservation, community housing and development, community health centers, vineyard management, and green solutions for commercial kitchens

Her many talents and expertise comprised of financial management and accounting, client relations, and reporting makes her uniquely qualified to assist in the commissioning process. Additionally, Judy’s interest in sustainable practices and solutions has dovetailed with her experiences and familiarity with construction and green technologies.

Project Manager

Amanda came to Stephen Turner Inc. after completing her education at Rhode Island School of Design. Her past experiences with design and comprehension of architectural drawings have helped Amanda to specialize in the development of prefunctional checklist, systems checklist, and functional performance tests, along with colorized drawings, and electronic systems manual development.

Amanda’s understanding of technology and her skills in visual and conceptual design make her a valuable resource for the company’s graphic standards, template creation, website development. As a small company, we each take on many roles. Amanda serves as the company's Information Technology Lead where she works to keep the company up to date with technology and software solutions and coordinates with an external technology consultant. In addition, she also leads First Year Monitoring phase services for the company's projects, working with project managers to gather and analyze building trend data.

Gary Hebner
Senior Commissioning Agent

Gary came to Stephen Turner Inc. from Gaskell Associates where he was a Senior Associate in the electrical engineering field for 15 years. He has over forty years experience in electrical and communications wiring beginning in 1971 as an avonics technician in the United States Army.

Gary’s science background coupled with his extensive experience both in installation and engineering gives him the ability to clearly see all aspects of a project and work productively with entire team – both internally at Stephen Turner Inc. and with project teams. Gary employs his background to his project work from the conceptual stage through final construction. He has expertise in the design of power, lighting, generators, UPS, fire alarm, telecommunications, and data centers. Gary’s capacity for assisting with complex aspects of a projects, quality control and code compliance make him key in various projects at Stephen Turner Inc.

paul mathurin
Lead Commissioning Agent

Paul has over 30 years of facilities management experience including extensive hands-on work on mechanical and controls systems. As Controls lead for Brown University’s Facilities Management team, he oversaw operation and maintenance of all building automation systems in University facilities to support the academic mission of the University. Previously, he served in the Navy as Rank E-5 performing equipment maintenance & repair. Hands-on experience allows Paul to make unique contributions to commissioning fieldwork. He has extensive experience working with complex HVAC systems and controls for over 6 million square feet of university campus space including large complex research facilities, archival conditions, and historic buildings.

Paul has a comprehensive understanding of Building Automation Systems, Siemens and other manufacturers’ platforms and programs. His experience servicing and maintaining building systems including mechanical and controls systems allows him to bring unique focus on Operations and Maintenance issues to his commissioning work. His troubleshooting skills make him an invaluable resource during systems start-up, debugging, and fine-tuning.

Dave Sungarian
Senior Commissioning Agent

Dave is a professional engineer with comprehensive experience in commissioning, systems design, and renewable energy systems. He brings eleven years of experience in both new building commissioning & retrocommissiong project models, project management, and energy auditing & analysis to Stephen Turner Inc.

Dave has performed detailed custom energy analyses for laboratory facilities in support of California PG&E’s Savings By Design High Tech Incentive Program. He has also completed work in practically every aspect of mechanical system design, performance verification, energy auditing, and commissioning. Beyond Dave’s experience in traditional mechanical system design, he is also proficient with solar and wind systems design and performance. Dave’s greatest strength is team-based problem-solving. With clients, he emphasizes the importance of input from all commissioning team members, soliciting feedback from each trade and designer before developing a final recommendation. His approach has resulted in the successful commissioning and retrocommissioning of notable buildings, including New York City’s 345 Park Avenue and the Claire Tow Theater at Lincoln Center.

Commissioning Engineer

Gordon earned his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He brings his extensive professional engineering experience to bear on a range of high performance buildings and systems projects. With extensive knowledge of building and fire codes, he specializes in design and construction issues relating to advanced building systems.

As Chairman of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Department at the New England Institute of Technology, Gordon participates in curriculum development and overall department enrichment. Gordon has over 25 years of construction management and engineering design in corporate, consulting and academic settings. He has worked for The State of Connecticut’s Department of Planning and Energy Policy and has extensive experience in building systems installation and management, including HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection. He is a nationally recognized expert in solar energy and energy conservation. He brings his strong skills as a trainer to commissioning hand-off including development of system manuals.


Project Manager

Dylan brings over fifteen years of related professional experience to Stephen Turner Inc., including property and structural assessment work, historical environmental assessments, and hazardous material surveys, as well as hands-on construction experience. His experience in the built environment and with environmental and sustainability issues and applications lends unique perspective and effectiveness on client assignments.

Dylan’s ability to grasp technical concepts and communicate them to broader audiences makes him a strong technical communicator. He has blended those skills with his professional experience and enthusiastic attitude to make significant contributions to the company’s work on major projects for Brown University, the City of Cambridge, and MIT, as well as on several fast-paced schools projects.

Project Manager

Jing Wu has always been passionate about art and architecture. She attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she attained her Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies and Studio Arts. Her interest in building design led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and shaped her work in the adaptive reuse and transformation of building structures. She is able to reimagine existing structures in a way that preserves their history in a modern environment.

Jing’s capacity for creative thinking and problem solving enables her to design and develop new work products such as an interactive systems manual that expedites the commissioning process and enhances project deliverables. Jing positively contributes to the fast-growing company by assisting with streamlining internal procedures and guidelines for employees to work quickly and efficiently on projects. Her project work is focused in the municipal and university sectors. She specializes in retrocommissioning and monitoringbased commissioning. Jing was selected by Stephen Turner Inc. to attend the International Standard Organization (ISO) conference in China in 2014. Her broad world view is an asset for the company as it expands into international markets.

Commissioning Coordinator

KC came to Stephen Turner Inc. with a degree in architectural engineering, giving him breadth in architectural design, sustainable design, structural engineering, green building systems, and green construction techniques. Having concentrated his later studies on architecture, he found that there was a significant lack of focus in the discipline on the importance of incorporating effective, efficient building systems into the architectural design process, which led him to reconsider his future career work – and to commissioning.

KC has a knack for presenting complex information in an easily digestible visual format. His training in architectural engineering fosters his understanding of the traditional Design-Bid-Build and Integrated Project Delivery processes as it relates the commissioning process. His experience with technical drafting, graphic communications, and various Autodesk products, such as AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, and Revit Architecture & MEP, allow him to grasp and clearly depict HVAC layouts as they relate to various trades.

Beyond his programmatic strengths, KC has exemplified an innovative, hands-on attitude which advocates for workflow efficiency: early in his time at Stephen Turner Inc., KC designed and fabricated improved testing equipment for daylight dimming photocells which is now used team-wide to optimize the functional performance testing of lighting control systems. KC has also volunteered to lead the redesign of Stephen Turner Inc.’s office expansion project.

Nate Taylor
Commissioning Coordinator

A recent graduate of Yale University, Nate came to Stephen Turner Inc. with a strong background in communications and philosophy. Nate’s meticulous and rigorous approach makes him a valuable addition to our project team. His eye for detail, combined with his mechanical aptitude and desire to learn, are crucial elements of a developing commissioning professional.

Nate’s project focus is on buildings with a large number of systems or devices. He applies his extensive proofreading experience to index and cross-check prospective and current systems lists against plans and drawings, while keeping project documents clearly organized and easily accessible. From design document and submittal reviews through development of functional performance tests and final reports, he supports the quality process at every step. In addition to commissioning projects, Nate’s work includes consulting for the Connecticut Green Bank, the nation’s first green lending institution. Tasks have included research and brief writing to support the implementation of Connecticut’s new submetering regulations, development of solar photovoltaic and combined heat and power financial underwriting models, “and driving alignment between Green Bank, utility company, and state financing and incentive programs.

Internally, Nate works to optimize written communications in all forms, and is actively involved in internal procedure development, helping the entire team discover synergies and efficiencies to provide a better product to our clients.